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BDNF - The Key to a Young Brain?

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BDNF - The Key to a Young Brain?

Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, or BDNF for short, is a special kind of protein called a neuro-protein. Neuro-proteins are proteins that work specifically with or in your nervous system (i.e. brain, spine, nerves, etc). 

Why is BDNF one of the keys to a young brain?

Here are 4 reasons why BDNF is key to having a young brain.

1. Many scientists and researchers consider BDNF to be among the most active and universally important neurofactors in your brain, stimulating and managing the process of growing neurons in your body.

2. BDNF is the most prevalent growth factor in your central nervous system, which includes your brain and spinal cord. It is essential for the proper development of your central nervous system.

3. BDNF is needed by your brain for the natural process called neuronal plasticity. This is the process in which your brain changes in response to you learning new things and being exposed to new things.

4. BDNF influences a variety of functions which include maintaining the health of existing brain cells, inducing the growth of new neurons, and supporting overall cognitive function - including memory and learning.

Mike Roussell, PhD
Mike Roussell, PhD


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