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Neuro Coffee featured in Robert Irvine Magazine

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Neuro Coffee featured in Robert Irvine Magazine

Robert Irvine Magazine


I've been a fan of Chef Robert Irvine since Dinner: Impossible first launched on The Food Network in 2007 so when we had the opportunity to have Neuro Coffee featured in Robert Irvine Magazine I was ecstatic.


The editorial staff at RI Magazine was so interested with Neuro Coffee that they even put it on the cover to the May issue saying that Neuro Coffee might be the next big thing in coffee (I would have to agree 😊!).

Here's what the RI Editors had to say about Neuro Coffee

The promise of “great tasting” supplements dates back to the birth of the supplement industry itself—when protein powders could generously be described as cement mix. Suffice it to say we’re fairly skeptical when any company says their product tastes so good you can’t tell it’s infused with healthy ingredients. With that considerable caveat out of the way. Neuro Coffee made believers out of us. The artisan roasts are rich and delicious, on par or exceeding the offerings currently available from coffee industry titans like Starbucks or Peet’s. What’s more, magazine GM Matt Tuthill said he felt more focused after drinking the coffee for three days, even though Roussell says that an acute effect is not typical. Whatever the case, we say the coffee is worth the price even if there were no added antioxidants. You’ll start drinking Neuro Coffee for the brain health benefits, but you’ll keep drinking it because the coffee taste so good.

Please click here to download the PDF of the May Issue of Robert Irving Magazine and read the article about Neuro Coffee on page 24.

You can read it online below...

Mike Roussell, PhD
Mike Roussell, PhD


Dr. Mike, the formulator of Neuro Coffee™, is known for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits that his clients can use to ensure permanent weight loss and long lasting health. Dr. Mike holds a degree in biochemistry from Hobart College and a doctorate in nutrition from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Mike oversees the optimization of the health, nutrition, and performance of a range of clientele from professional athletes, to celebrities, to technology executives. He has authored 4 books Dr. Mike serves on the Advisory Board for Men’s Health and SHAPE magazines and have authored 4 books on nutrition and weight loss.

NeuroCoffee increases a key neuro-protein known to be critical to cognitive health, memory, learning and executive function.*

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