Breakthrough Enhanced Coffee That Supports Brain Health!
Better Coffee, Better Brain.
Watch the videos below to understand the science behind Neuro Coffee™
What is Neuro Coffee™?
Neuro Coffee is small batch, artisan roasted coffee that has been enhanced with a clinically studied, concentrated antioxidant extract from the coffee fruit/berry.
What is Coffee Berry?
Many people don't realize that coffee beans are actually the pit/seed from a cherry-like berry. The berry is usually discarded during the harvesting process. But by using a patented process we are able to save the fruit, preserved, and concentrate the healthful antioxidants found within them into what we call Neuro Factor™.
How Neuro Coffee™ Supports Brain Health
Every cup of Neuro Coffee™ contains a clinically studied dose of Neuro Factor™. Neuro Factor™ has been shown in 2 human clinical studies to increase levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the body.
What is BDNF?
BDNF is a neuroprotein produced by your body for the main purpose of growing new neurons and fixing neurons in need of repair. As our body gets older, it produces less BDNF.

Try Neuro Coffee Today

Neuro Coffee Pods 
Recyclable Coffee Pods
Compatible with Original Keurig & 2.0 brewers. Each pod is specifically dosed the clinically tested amount of Coffee Berry Extract.
Ground Neuro Coffee
12oz Bag
Drip, Pour Over, French Press...However you like it. Now you can take care of your brain with freshly ground artisan roasted Neuro Coffee.
NeuroCoffee increases a key neuro-protein known to be critical to cognitive health, memory, learning and executive function.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.